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CNR Rao: Japans highest civilian award Raising son gold & silver award
IGIA:  Indra gamdhi international airport Delhi 2014 world best airport
Fight of the century: Boxing winner:Floyed second place:Manny
EDGE:  Micosoft new browser
Anual Press freedom prize: Dawrish -UN cultural body
International shooting competition:  Hanover Germany
Reliance business merge: Bharathi Retail
5-5-15: Asthma day
AKASH: missile surface to surface 25km
Edu-cloud :Microsoft Digital learning
Weibo : chines social media joined by Indian PM
Future group: Merge Kishore + Rajan bharathi 750cr
Nirmaya: Odisha Free drug distribution
Anual Global mother index: 1.Norway ,140.India
UK Election: Conservative party win 37%
Red Flag Account: RBI fraud risk control
TOI: Sports person of the year Jitu rai
Russian victory day: Xi Jinping chaina participated
Pink pay : AXIS bank
Chilller: HDFC
Bank's pocket : ICICI
Indian army salary package: BOI
SBI:Platinum debit card NPCI
Tourism Friendly country: Spain
BRICS Bank: President KV Kamnath
Top Crude buyer:China beat US
Spanish Grand Prix: Rosberge
Madrid master : Andy Murray
Vikas gowda : Disc thrower
Kamal preet : Hammer throw
 Inter national day of yoga : 21 June
Moody's GDP: 7.5 India 
Jarkhant Governor : Droupali
Election commissioner : achal kuar jyothi
 Encore award: Book-the lives of others by neel mukerjee
Bhabhatron : cancer treatment equipment
Indian post: first ATM Patna
AYUSH :5000 cr Sripadnaik
ICICI: first branch in china shanghai inaugurated by PM of India
Rome master: novak djokovic
6 th National nuclear conference : Delhi 
SBI INTOUCH : NFC enabled contac less debit/credit card
Soil Health card: Pujab
World no taobaco award: Punjab
Tran gender principal: manabi bandopadhyay West bengal krishna nagar womens college
Obama: Twitter @POTUS
Billboard music awrad :Taylor swift
RE100: campaign by infosys on renewable energy
KAVARATTI :Anti submarine 
International man booker awrad: Hungarrian
21/5/15 : anti terroism day
Mirage 2000: Fighter jet by IAF
22/5/15: Bio diversity day
Same sex marriage :Ireland
Kishan TV: Doordarshan 100cr 
IPL15: MI vs CSK final at Edern garden kolkata
John nash : mathematician
Bank employee salary hike % :15
World biggest gold producer : china
68 th Cannel film festival : film-palme d'or,actress-roony,actor-vincent
DD Kishan chair: A.Surya
Tripura :lift AFSPA
PPP committee: Vijay kelkar
31/5/15 : Tobacco day theme-stop illicit trade of tobacco product
Food and agriculture organization: Undernourished people-194.6 mln
Himachal pradesh :100yrs
 Mega Food park : assam -nalbari
Forrest fire checking satellite system: himachal pradesh
Tamil Nadu : Highest no.of road accident in India by 7life foundation
Cabinet Secretary : pradeep kumar sinha
DG of Doordhasan :veena jain
DRDO Chief: selvin christopher
Heavy industry minister : Anant geete


The TMB Exam was very easy compared to any exams

The pattern:

GK -40

Quants:       Very easy 10+5 simplification and approximation ,One DI,Ratio,Age,etc...
Reasoning :  Syllogism,circle arrangement,Coding decoding,puzzle,etc...
English:        Comprehension,Error spotting,Cloze  test,Fill in the blanks,etc...
Computer:   Very basic level.
GK:             Moderate

GK question asked in TMB CLERK

1)  2015 Hindi conference planed at:
2)  Suganya scheme interest rate(2015-16):
3)  Germany capital:
4)  Retail Banking:
5)  Money taking out from in to Nepal:
6)  Navy day:
7)  Anti terrorism day:
8)  Population report at 2015:
9)  Who is ritu rai relate to sport:
10) E-visa given by India to which country recently:
11) what is reverse repo:
12) Bank rates fixed by:
13) Age limit to use ATM:
14) Reason for allowing non banking financial company:
15) Heavy industry minister:
16) Rbi starting year:
17) Cap for payment bank:
18) What is white label ATM:
19) FDI on public sector bank % limit:
20) Bank opened by PM of India in china:
21) SBI MD:
22) KV Kamnath posting:
23) BOI HO:
24) Agni V distance:
25) public sector bank in below option: BMB
26) WIPO HO:
27) NPCI:
28) ATM withdraw limit:
29) Federation bank:
30) Mortgage loan:


√625÷57=X2 *53


(0.03)^2 -(0.5)^2+ (0.6)^2= ?

Syllogism types:


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